All’s quiet at the Concertgebouw tonight

All’s quiet at the Concertgebouw tonight

The RCO concert passed conducted by Semyon Bychkov without incident.

The only unusual aspect was the both managers – orchestra (Dominik Winterling) and venue (Simon Reinink)- made themselves visible.

Reinink, 58, is the one who made the decision to cancel the Jerusalem Quartet. He then rowed back to reinstate their Saturday concert. His head may yet be on the block.

Our reporter adds: ‘Reinink went downstairs at the interval to speak with audience members and didn’t return to his usual seat for the second half.

‘The situation in the city is on the tenser side (with the square outside the hall coincidentally the centre of protests). I do see the re-introduction of the Saturday concert, and the wording of the message alongside, as relatively strong from Reinink compared to what many others in the country would do.’

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