Guardian readers reject phones at concerts

Guardian readers reject phones at concerts

The paper has published four letters from readers who refuse to attend concert where phones and photography are permitted.

One is from the music critic and Tippett authority Meirion Bowen.

The case for permitting phones, advanced by inexperienced managers and woke-facing media, is far from proven.

Sample letter:

Your editorial about mobile phones in concert halls reminded me of the very strong stance taken by Keith Jarrett, the American jazz and classical pianist, who insisted that no photography was allowed during any of his performances (The Guardian view on phones in concert halls: what engages some enrages others, 19 May). This was expressed before the concert by the promoters and by Jarrett’s manager.

Sadly, on many occasions, a flash from a phone in the audience would happen and subsequently either the concert would come to an abrupt end or there would be a lengthy delay before the performance would resume. The wishes of the musician were not respected.

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