Ruth Leon recommends… Kin – National Theatre At Home

Ruth Leon recommends… Kin – National Theatre At Home

Kin – National Theatre At Home

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In 1932, Leah and her family escaped persecution and embarked on a journey from Yemen to Palestine.Ninety years later, her grandson Amit Lahav, Artistic Director of Gecko Theatre Company reflects on the life-changing decision his family made to flee and build a better life. Gecko is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed physical theatre company and this powerful piece of physical theatre is a provocative story ofKin – desperation, compassion and acceptance, inspired by the migration stories of Gecko’s international performers and the extraordinary voyage Leah undertook as a young child.

Amit Lahav and his company bring their own personal experiences to this poetically intoxicating performance, touching on the themes of migration, community, racism and home.

This moving presentation encourages each of Gecko’s international ensemble to speak in their own language so understanding words is not as essential as tuning into the unbarred emotional performances.

Kin invites us to look inwards and ask ‘Who am I, and where do I belong?’

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