The music we love to hate

The music we love to hate

Anything that rouses us to love can also provoke the opposite condition. Music is no exception. There are works we detest almost as much as many others we adore. I am interested in why we loathe them.

Here’s a sampling of the music I hate:

1 Parsifal – when it keeps returning to D major or goes ultra-mod (pic)
2 Almost anything by palindromic Max Reger
3 The Beatles infantile #1 Please Please Me
4 Most of Delius, especially the Mass of Life
5 Tippett’s The Knot Garden
6 German-facing French symphonies – Gounod, Magnard, Chausson
7 Time-wasting American symphonies – Piston, William Schuman, Hovhaness
8 Boy bands, girl bands, the Spice Girls
9 Bob Dylan’s Saved album
10 Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus

What’s yours?

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