Dear Alma, I want to take over an agency but might lose out

Dear Alma, I want to take over an agency but might lose out

From our agony aunt:

Dear Alma,

I have been working at the same agency for 10 years, and find it challenging and interesting. My boss is nearing retirement age, and I am very much hoping to be considered for their replacement, purchasing and running the company. But there is a younger, very energetic person who joined the agency just a year ago and I am afraid the president is showing favoritism towards the new person. My knowledge of the industry is deep, and my connections are solid. I can’t even believe they would consider selling to this younger person, but it is looking possible.

What should I do?

Afraid of Being Looked Over

Dear Afraid,

I am also afraid for you. I have seen this type of thing happen time and time again. The devoted and hard-working person being jumped over by the new, flashy upstart.

Afraid – take the situation in hand. Do your best to continue to work at your highest level, with energy. Brainstorm new ideas, build a solid network of coworkers and industry contacts. Show that you are a leader, communicating clearly, setting goals, and being there to help others. Be aware of your weaknesses and turn them around. Celebrate your victories. Continue to expand your knowledge by taking a class or attending conferences.

Make a meeting with your boss and clearly state your wishes to step into their shoes when they decide the time is right to step away from their position.

Good luck, Afraid!

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