Sex and tax troubles for two French stars

Sex and tax troubles for two French stars

The international violinist Renaud Capuçon has lost an appeal against conviction for failing to declare earnings on a dozen concerts.

The news site L’informé reports that the musician omitted to declare 5 concerts in 2013 and 6 in 2014 – and that he underdeclared his fees in a further 27 – 5 in 2013, 22 in 2014.

A court found that he owes 110,735 euros in unpaid taxes and 19,498 euros in other charges.

Capuçon’s appeal to the Council of State was rejected on March 22, 2024.

Capuçon, 48, is a friend of President Macron and husband of the TV presenter Laurence Ferrari. He is supposed to be playing a representative role in this summer’s Olympic Games.

The conductor Francois-Xavier Roth, a former associate of the LSO and incoming chief of the SWR Symphony in Stuttgart, is accused by the satirical magazine Le canard enchainé of sexual assault against one female musician and of sending dick pics to others. Among the named accusers is the violinist Marie-Annick Nicolas, former concertmaster of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France. Roth admiited sending ‘intimate messages’. He told the magazine: ‘”If I have gone too far, I would like to apologize to those I may have hurt.’

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