So is the Concertgebouw safe enouw?

So is the Concertgebouw safe enouw?

The University of Amsterdam is due to reopen today after violent demonstrations over the Gaza war caused 1.5 million Euros worth of damage.

The Concertgebouw, which cancelled two concerts by the Jerusalem Quartet, fearing for the safety of ‘staff, musicians and audiences’ (in that order, will now go ahead with once concert ‘with tightened security measures, adjusted visitor flows, and an adjusted starting time.’

But the hall’s original decision is still under scrutiny. The mayor of Amsterdam, the police and the public prosecutor said they were not consulted by the C’bouw over its decision to cancel until after the concerts had been called off.

Many of the world’s leading musicians erupted in protest.

The Concertgebouw management has yet to give a satisfactory explanation.

Last night’s symphony concert passed without incident.

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