Washington DC musicians in uproar over Killer Mike

Washington DC musicians in uproar over Killer Mike

We are hearing from members of the National Symphony Orchestra who are outraged at nhaving to accompany a concert by Killer Mike & The Mighty Midnight Revival.

The official blurb reads: A never-before-seen concert experience! Killer Mike is more than just a rapper—he’s a cultural icon. From his groundbreaking collaborations with Run the Jewels to his solo endeavors, Killer Mike’s music resonates with authenticity, raw energy, and a fearless commitment to speaking truth to power. Hear tracks from his newest, three-time Grammy-winning album Michael, and more, accompanied by the epic sounds of the Mighty Midnight Revival and the National Symphony Orchestra live.

Mike’s lyrics read: Wake up in the mornin, I turn on the TV
What do I see? Some pussy ass niggas starin at me
They got some big ass chains on with big ass rocks
A couple niggas standin behind em throwin up blocks
They claimin they whip pots, got the streets on lock
And they don’t take no disrespect and keep their heats on cock
And if they punch you in your face then some teeth gon drop

The NSO musicians tell slippedisc.com: ‘While we understand Pops shows are necessary for raising money and reaching a diverse audience, we are appalled by this type of programming (which is) demeaning towards women and full of racial slurs’.

The highlight of Mike’s career so far was getting arrested at this year’s Grammys.

What on earth are they thinking at the Kennedy Center?

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