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What now for Netrebko?

What now for Netrebko?
What now for Netrebko?

The diva is 52 years old and on her own.

She can choose between embracing Putin onc e more or denouncing him sufficiently to appease western employers who are anyway eager to harness her undiminished box-office power.

Once that decision is made, she has seven or eight years to make her mark.

Underemployment since 2022 has kept the voice fresh and may extend its span by a couple of years.

If she mends her bridges with Universal Music – whom she walked out on – she could be making six or eight recordings a year.

And then there are arena concerts. A well-placed confessional interview with a solid German newspaper will set the scene.

The future is looking clearer and quite bright for Anna Netrebko. It’s a new page in her career and she can start writing it right now.

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