Winchester Cathedral: More storm clouds

Winchester Cathedral: More storm clouds

We hear that the Precentor, Andy Trenier, was listed to preside and preach at Winchester Cathedral this morning but has stood down. We hear also that employment lawyers have been consulted.

A long letter in the Hampshire Chronicle today lays out some of the concerns:
…  Talk of fallings-out and tellings-off in public do not sit well with the people I know at the cathedral and they are, doubtless, exaggerations. Economies could be one reason. The choir has been down in numbers for some time and, although the pandemic was undoubtedly a factor and although long term problems, such as parental worries about boarding, will have played a part, it would seem that the cathedral prefers the route of austerity – cuts to salaries and personnel – rather another exacting campaign to raise the necessary funds. 

Issues of diversity and inclusion have also been mentioned….

These explanations – costs and diversity – are only speculations, of course; but why is this so? It is because, so far at least, the cathedral officials have failed to offer any detail or to answer any questions. Such a proceeding must, inevitably, feed ‘social media’, nurture suspicions, and encourage speculation. Better, surely, to be open with all who love the cathedral and, best of all, to give iron-clad assurances to counter concerns about either economies or diversity. 

Dr Andrew Thomson



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