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Dear Alma, This professor is forcing me out

Dear Alma, This professor is forcing me out
Dear Alma, This professor is forcing me out

Dear Alma,

I have been teaching at the same university for many years. We have had teachers come and go. Ten years ago a new teacher joined our department who I had known previously and had admired for their teaching and recruiting ability. After passing tenure, this person has changed dramatically and has caused me great distress in my working situation, with none of the typical solutions solving any of the problems. I am just two years away from a very early retirement, and I am not in a position to look for a new job.  I had imagined that I would stay in this job for many more years but I am miserable. Do you have any advice for me?


Dear Stuck,

Yes it is often the case that a new member of an organization can behave in two contrasting ways, the “before tenure” and “after tenure”. It can mean a change of behavior, a change in energy level or commitment. This can be a change for the good, or a change for the worse. It can mean a person feels the responsibility to be a pillar for the department or orchestra, or they can become lazy or disrespectful. For the worker, it means well-needed job security, but that can be a blessing or a curse on the department/section depending on the performance of the particular teacher/performer.

You have three options. Exit, Avoid, or Confront.

Exit: take an easy retirement. You just might live a longer (slightly poorer) and happier life.

Avoid: request an office transfer – move to a part of the building where you won’t run into your colleague. Even better – a different building. Submit paperwork saying you cannot attend department meetings because of emotional distress.

Confront: you are the senior member. Stand up for yourself and don’t put up with their shenanigans. Be stronger and tougher.

Stuck, unstick yourself. You have options. You can find a way through, around, or away from this stress-causing individual.

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