Is This Leonard Bernstein’s Loveliest Piece?

Is This Leonard Bernstein’s Loveliest Piece?

On November 22nd “Maestro,” Bradley Cooper’s new film biography of Leonard Bernstein, will be released in theaters in only a few days. It is wonderful that an actor/producer of Cooper’s stature has chosen to create a film about Bernstein. We are excited.

Today, we invite you to listen to Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic in a performance of his composition of music for a ballet, Facsimile.

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Be sure to check back here often, because until “Maestro” is released, we will be offering you a steady stream of recordings of music conducted by Leonard Bernstein.

Listen Now to Bernstein Conducting Facsimile

Bernstein Conducts Bernstein

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We hope you will make Classical Archives your home for enhancing your enjoyment of “Maestro.”


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