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Ryanair ‘shames’ Irish violin star

Ryanair ‘shames’ Irish violin star
Ryanair ‘shames’ Irish violin star

It’s not just the rest of the world that bottom-bumping Ryanair enjoys tormenting.

Sharon Corr, a member of the Irish folk pop band The Corrs, has sent this message to Michael O’Leary, the Ryanair boss – not that she can hope for a polite reply…

I was booked on a Ryanair flight
I got up at 6 in the morning
I was not allowed on the flight because I had my violin
I was in the airport for 7 hrs
I had to return home after searching for my checked in bags. Humiliated, angry then crying as only a good woman can do.
Why was I going to Dublin? My home turf, to rehearse, to go on tour! I’m beyond disappointed. Michael o’ Leary, Shame on you.

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